T2Med Competition Terms

1. The T2Med Competition, (hereinafter “the Competition”), is a learning activity organized by the Faculty of Medicine (hereinafter “the Faculty”) in Technion- Israel Institute of Technology (hereinafter “the Technion”) in order to advance education in medical entrepreneurship among students who are studying in Technion.

General Instructions

2. The Faculty is the Competition organizer. The selection of participants, the judgment, identity of the judges and the participants ideas are exclusively the Faculty’s. Similarly, the selection of winners, ranking and the giving of prizes.

3. These regulations regulate the relationship between the participants and the Faculty in every matter regarding the Competition.

4. These regulations override all other publications, by word of mouth or in writing, regarding the competition.

5. By registering for the Competition, participants are confirming that they have read the regulations and agreed to its contents.

6. The Faculty selected a committee to organize the Competition, which represents the Faculty in all matters regarding the Competition, (hereinafter “the Organizing Committee”), with the permission of the Deputy Dean for Strategic Matters.

Competition Course

7. The Competition will include the following stages:

A) Registration of the candidates through the competition website: t2med.co.il (hereinafter “the Website”)

B) Selection of participants by the Organizing CommitteeB) Selections for participants by the organizing committee

C) Notifying the candidates who were accepted into the Competition (hereinafter “the participants”

D) Submission of ideas for initiatives on which the groups will workD) Suggest ideas for projects that the groups will work on

E) Publication of the submitted ideas to the participants

F) Voting by the participants to choose which ideas will take part in the Competition

G) Dividing of participants into teams

H) Working on the idea in accordance with the Competition requirements

I) Competition finals

Participation in the Competition

8. Any student who studies in Technion is permitted to register for the Competition. Students from overseas universities which have a cooperation agreement with Technion may participate with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

9. The Organizing Committee is permitted, at its discretion, to carry out actions in order to receive information about the candidates when deciding if to accept them, including but not limited to: Telephone interview, information in writing which the candidate will provide in the registration form, and consideration of information which is available to the public.

10. The Organizing Committee will accept candidates exclusively at it’s own discretion. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept students who do not adhere to the conditions in section 8, at its own discretion.

Venture Ideas

11. The ideas on which the teams will work will be offered by the participants of the Competition.

12. The ideas should be innovative, meaning they do not already exist in the market, at least according to information available to the public.

13. It will be clarified that all ideas should be new, meaning it is forbidden to offer an idea on which the person offering the idea has already worked on developing in the past, for example: within the framework of a project for an Advanced Degree etc.

14. The ideas have to be ideas in the medical field. Meaning ideas for products, services, technology, medical machinery, methods or initiatives which their main aim is in the framework of medical treatment, prevention of diseases and their complications, diagnosis of medical problems, improving the prognosis of people who have been diagnosed with medical problems, scientific research in the medical field, improving the medical condition or improving the quality of life of a person who is suffering from a medical condition. Despite what is written in this section, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to approve ideas which do not fit the aforementioned conditions, if it is decided that the are included in the medical field.

15. The decision of the Organizing Committee to disregard an idea is not open to appeal and the committee is not required to provide a reason for its decision.

16. From the offered ideas which were approved by the Organizing Committee, the participants will select the best ideas in their opinion. The ideas which receive the largest number of votes will be the ideas on which the teams will work.


17. In every disagreement or criticism by one of the participants against the Organizing Committee regarding the management of the Competition, the results, interpretation of the regulations, acceptance of participants or acceptance of ideas, the head of the committee is exclusively given the final ruling, and his/her ruling is not open to appeal, and obligates both the Faculty and participants.

Behaviour Code

18. The Faculty is an educational body which comprises part of the Technion, and therefore Technion regulations regarding the restriction of smoking and regulations preventing sexual harassment apply to all participants at any time they are on Faculty grounds and/or participate in activities on behalf of the competition on each technology platform.

19. The Organizing Committee, with the approval of the head of the committee, is permitted to distance from the Competition physical or technological area any person who threatens the wellbeing of the participants and those present in the Faculty, violates public order in the area of the Faculty, disrupts the fixed process of the competition or the routine work of the Faculty, violates the law or Technion regulations.

20. A person who is distanced from the Competition according to section 19, who is participating in the Competition, will have their participation permanently discontinued, and will not be eligible for a prize even if prior to their removal they belonged to a winning team.

21. The Organizing Committee, with the approval of the head of committee, may discontinue the participation of any of the participants or teams following behaviour which compromises the fairness and fixed process of the Competition, including but not limited to: Copying from other teams, sabotaging the work of other teams, inappropriate behavior etc.


22. The division into teams will be carried out during the Competition.The head of each team will be the participants who offered the idea on which the team is working, from the ideas which were accepted for the competition according to section 16.

23. The head of each team will be the participants who offered the idea on which the team is working, from the ideas which were accepted for the competition according to section 16.

24. The teams will consist of at most 5 participants.

25. Every teams should consist of at least one student from the Faculty of Medicine and at least one student from a Engineering or Science Faculty.

26. All team members must be present in all activities during the competition, frontally and on various technological platforms.

27. A team that doesn’t comply as written in section 25 while the final presentation will not be qualified for winning the prizes.

Intellectual Property

28. The Competition is a learning event and therefore all intellectual property rights from the implementation of the ideas offered in the Competition and produced by the participants belong to the participants who produced them. The Competition participants will not have any claim on Technion or the Technion Faculty of Medicine regarding responsibility or connected to intellectual property which was developed in the framework of or following the Competition.


29. Selection of the winners and rankings will take place at the end of the competition:

Every group which will be prepared to, will present their idea to the main panel of judges and to all the competition participants. The main panel of judges will rank the teams into different positions according to the criteria that was decided beforehand.

30. The criteria for selecting the Competition winners is as follows:

1) How meaningful is the need for this product?

2) The degree of innovation of the idea.

3) Business Model.

4) Overall impression from the group.

5) Presentation of idea.

31. The judges panel will consist of leading professional from the fields of entrepreneurship, medicine and academics as decided by the Organizing Committee.


32. The winning team will receive prizes in accordance with the prizes addendum to these regulations which will be published on the Website nearing the time of the Competition. The Faculty, with the approval of the head of committee, is permitted to switch the prizes with other prizes of similar value, in accordance with technical constraints or the committee’s judgement.