24-26 MARCH, 2021


Medical Entrepreneurship Hackathon

For students of all degrees and all Technion faculties

The T2MED conference will bring together students from the various faculties in order to find a technological and business solution to medical problems. The students will learn to build a business plan, work on an initial prototype, interview potential customers and users, and ultimately present their products to leading industry and health care providers in Israel. The students' work at the conference will be conducted in small, multidisciplinary groups; Each group will focus on a different medical problem that will be chosen by the group members and will receive personal mentoring from leading mentors in the field of medical entrepreneurship in Israel.

Last year winners: ALARMI

Hadas Braude‎‏ | sean Heilbronn-Doron | Noa Goldberg | Valentina d'Empaire | Cameron Guernsey



Voucher for a night in a B&B or hotel for each contestant + 5,000 ILS grant per team to use in the BizTEC program

2nd place

IPAD + ₪7,000 GRANT

iPad 8th generation for each contestant + 7,000 ILS grant per team to use in the BizTEC program

1st place


JBL LIVE 500BT for each contestant + 3,000 ILS grant per team to use in the BizTEC program

3rd place



On Wensday, January 13th 2021, competition registration begins! The first step to joining the team and developing an idea for an entrepreneurial project that may one day become a real high-tech company, is applying. Interested students will get the chance to introduce themselves and their intentions to compete through their application. Accepted applicants will be notified via message by 14 February 2021



Submitting ideas

From Monday February 22th, all accepted applicants can start submitting their project ideas for the competition! At this stage, participants will be given the chance to offer up the project they would like to develop in the competition, and possibly to become the leader of the group responsible for promoting that project.



Ideas Rating

From Thursday March 4th-10th competition participants will be presented with all potential project ideas, and asked to rate the ideas according to personal degree of interest and desire to take part in the development of these ideas. On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021: participants will be notified by message of the project ideas that are selected.



Preparatory meetings

On Wednesday March 17th, preparatory meetings will take place on Zoom! We will continue the planning discussions through our Facebook group



Hackathon begins!

On Wednesday March 24th, presentations of the chosen project ideas will begin... the Hackathon goes live!



Keep working!

Keep working! we will dive into how to build a business model - what is the product? Who are the customers? We will do field research, asking doctors, potential clients, and anyone willing to help us! After this research, we will learn how to summarize our whole big project idea into a winning video, and we will begin working on the presentation video.



The big day is finally here!

Finally, the long-awaited day has arrived! After two consecutive days of work (and weeks of pre-planning), it's time to close corners, tie everything up, and make those final tweaks before submitting final project videos. After submission and review of the videos, the best teams will move to the final round of judging! Those selected will present their project ideas in front of a panel of judges over Zoom, and answer questions about their projects.



Organizing team

Sean Heilbronn Doron

M.D student

Lihi Blumen

M.D student

Omer Bachar

B.Sc student information systems engineering

Shani Gafniel

M.D student


Who are we?

t2med competition is an enterprise project held by the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, which encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in the medical field. The competition creates collaborations between countless students from a variety of faculties across the Technion, and from institutions all around the world, giving them the opportunity to think up and execute cutting edge ideas to advance the field of Medicine.

I'm not a medical student, is there any point in applying?

The simple answer is: Yes. In all competitions in previous years students from a variety of disciplines have worked together in mixed groups. Students of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering worked alongside students in biomedical engineering, architecture, computer science, chemistry, psychology and medicine. As long as you have a passion for technology and medical initiatives, your contribution to the conference will be meaningful.

How will we conduct the competition this year?

This year the competition will be executed solely through the use of virtual collaboration platforms: Lectures will be administered as a part of the learning process for the competition through 'Zoom', as well as consultations with mentors. All of the following will be done through the 'Discord' app: teams' group collaboration on their project, requesting consultations with mentors, and any acceptance messages from the organizing team. To culminate, the final projects will be demonstrated through a unique and creative video presentation, which will be uploaded to the competition's Youtube Channel.

What is the advantage of T2MED over other events?

The T2MED conference is based on the global 3DS program, which provides fertile ground for the development of start-ups. To date, dozens of start-up companies have been raised, raising millions of dollars in the framework of 3DS. On average, every 3DS conference yielded more than one new start-up. The success of the T2MED 3DS conference proved itself in the past years, winning groups have won or qualified for the final national entrepreneurial competition BizTEC.

What can I get out of the T2MED 3DS conference?

In the worst-case scenario, you are going to work with brilliant people from a variety of fields to create a medical start-up. This is the first step where you can learn a lot about the world of medical entrepreneurship. The conference is a wonderful opportunity to develop relationships with greenhouses, entrepreneurs and people with experience in product development. In the best case scenario, you might end up as the founders of an innovative medical start-up.


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